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I started my first podcast in 2009 and I’ve been recording conversations with interesting people who move and inspire me ever since.

Imagery from the edge of memory.

My mixed media paintings are rooted in my love of using process and materials to create texture and a dense visual narrative. Inspired by artists like Robert Rauschenberg and Cy Twombly, my work combines multiple layers of pigment, collage, emulsion transfers, and a variety of ephemera to create depth that is both literal and metaphorical.

More bang.
Less buck.

The second edition of my book Photography by the Letter is packed with more than 50 new terms, plus more diagrams, more photos, more exercises, more Q&As, and more interviews with incredible photographers — and best of all, you name the price.

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There’s always a bigger picture.

I believe in the value and importance of the arts, which is why I’m donating a portion of the net proceeds generated by my creative work to arts education and non-profit organizations that focus on the arts.