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    Facing Change

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    Sam Faulkner

    In conversation with photographer Sam Faulkner about his Unseen Waterloo project.


On Taking Pictures 187: A Cultivated Fantasy

This week, we’re talking about leaps—not leaps of faith, but rather those unconscious leaps in process, technique or vision that serve as lines of demarcation for the work that came before and after them. Also, […]

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Facing Change: Documenting America [Review]

In 1935, Congress formed the Farm Security Administration as part of the New Deal programs under Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The FSA was the successor to the Resettlement Administration and tasked to aid American farmers through […]

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On Taking Pictures 186: Little Blips of Satisfaction

This week, we begin with a warm thank you to everyone who made it out to the DC meetup. It was really terrific to get to meet you all and we will definitely be doing […]

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"Jeffery is one of those rare people who is able to connect with strangers instantly and make them feel like he is an old friend. His natural sense of curiosity is infectious, and the stories he tells are the ones I want to hear."

“Anyone can ask questions, but the real skill of a talented interviewer is in the relationships. Jeffery has this way of connecting and turning what is so often just a string of unrelated questions into a conversation. His respect and curiosity make him the kind of host I look forward to spending time with.”

“Jeffery can only be described as a true gentleman and ambassador for the arts, in particular the visual arts. I had the personal pleasure of being interviewed by Jeffery and it was a pleasure in every way. His ability to reveal the positive and the passion from his guests is a true talent and one that I would recommend to anyone. In one hour I came to realise as much about myself as he had discovered about me.”