I'm curious by nature – about people, about creativity, about line and shape and color – and my personal and professional pursuits are driven by learning, discovering, imagining, listening, celebrating, and making.

Process Driven

A podcast about creativity and what it means to those who do more than make art.

In Between

Discussions connecting broad conversations to our everyday experiences.


An audio journal of observations and brief reflections around visual arts and creativity.

  • “Jeffery can only be described as a true gentleman and ambassador for the arts, in particular the visual arts. I had the personal pleasure of being interviewed by Jeffery and is was a pleasure in every way. His ability to reveal the positive and the passion from his guests is a true talent and one that I would recommend to anyone.”
    Karl Taylor
  • “Jeffery is one of those rare people who is able to connect with strangers instantly and make them feel like he is an old friend. His natural sense of curiosity is infectious, and the stories he tells are the ones I want to hear.”
    John Keatley
  • “Anyone can ask questions, but the real skill of a talented interviewer is in the relationships. Jeffery has a way of connecting and turning what is so often just a string of unrelated questions into a conversation. His respect and curiosity make him the kind of host I look forward to spending time with.”
    David duChemin

Archived Shows

On Taking Pictures

Insights for the novice, shop talk for the professional, and opinionated discussion for the interested observer.

The Craft & Vision Podcast

12 episodes exploring process, craft, and creativity with some wonderfully creative people.

On Taking Pictures

From 2009-2010, I recorded a series of conversations with a diverse group of photographers.


A Photographic Field Guide

My book Photography by the Letter is available in paperback or as a downloadable PDF so you can get the version that fits your kit.

The best photo book is the one you have with you.

For a limited time, save 20% when you buy the Photography by the Letter Analog-Digital Bundle. Get both the paperback and eBook versions of the book and save $10 off the retail price of buying them separately.

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