Process Driven 39: Elliot Walker & Bethany Wood

In the middle of 2019, Netflix launched a show called Blown Away, which is a competition show for glass artists. The promos looked terrific and I think Adrianne and I were hooked from pretty much the first episode. We binged the whole season and it became our go to recommendation for our Netflix-watching friends. I even reached out to Alex Rosenberg, one of the contestants on the show, who I sat down with for an episode of Process Driven.
Fast forward to the beginning of this year when Netflix finally released season two of Blown Away and for the next ten episodes, Adrianne and I were right back in the hot shop with a new group of artists. And just like with season one, I know I wanted to talk to one of the contestants and I knew exactly who I wanted it to be. Both Adrianne and I were fans of Elliot Walker straight away. There was just something about his demeanor in the shop, not to mention that we absolutely loved what he made on the show. I really resonated with his approach to the materials, and the sense of humor he brought to the pieces he was making. I also really connected with how he spoke about his partner Bethany, who is not only his girlfriend, but also his assistant, his muse, and the curator of their gallery, Blowfish Glass.

And just so you know, this conversation does contain spoilers. So if you haven’t seen season two, consider yourself warned.

Blown Away on Netflix:
Blown Away on IMDb:
Alexander Rosenberg on Process Driven:

Instagram (Elliot): @ewalkerglassart
Instagram (Bethany): @bethjadewood

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Music in this episode
Reconciled by Sean Williams
Normalize by Stanley Gurvich
Please Listen Carefully by Jahzzar (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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