A field guide for photographers and photo enthusiasts.

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A comprehensive resource for any photographer.

With a visual style inspired by vintage camera manuals, Photography by the Letter covers analog and digital photography and was designed for both new and seasoned photographers. More than 170 terms and concepts from Aperture to Zoom Lens are clearly defined and explained with the help of more than 50 unique diagrams and nearly 100 original photos. The book also includes useful tips, answers to many common questions, exercises to encourage you to practice what you learn, and interviews with top professional photographers to get your creative juices flowing.

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  • “It's not only a great introduction to the fundamentals, but there's a lot of stuff in here for experienced photographers as well. Photography by the Letter is the book that ought to have come with your camera. It's seriously a joy to look at.”
    Vinny Les Pes
    Professional Photographer
  • “Photography by the Letter is a visual treat — a superbly illustrated reference guide that will be loved by new photographers and a welcome addition to the book collection of many seasoned pros.”
    Karl Taylor
    Professional Photographer and Photography Instructor
  • “Your book is an inspiration and an important document for the Analogs and for the Digitals and their descendants.”
    Hugh Talman
    Staff Photographer, Smithsonian Institution Museum of American History
  • “Jeffery has painstakingly created a beautifully designed primer to help cut through the often jargon-heavy world of photography. This has instantly become my go-to recommend for photographers wanting to move from amateur to professional.”
    Sean Tucker
    Professional Photographer

Turning process into practice.

In addition to the terms, the photos and drawings, the tips, and the exercises, Photography by the Letterincludes exclusive Q&A interviews with six incredible professional photographers. You'll get inspiration and insights from David duChemin, Koci Hernandez, John Keatley, Betina La Plante, Rinzi Ruiz, and Ben Thomas — each of whom is at the top of their genre.

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Analog or Digital?

Photography by the Letter is available in paperback or as a downloadable PDF so you can get the version that fits your kit.

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