the purpose

My mom used to tell people that I could draw before I could write. I don’t remember that far back but if it’s true, it is entirely because of her encouragement. She was a dancer as a child and dreamed of performing on Broadway, but was forced to quit in her teens, never fully realizing that dream. It’s something that haunted her, but it also became the catalyst for a lifetime of supporting the arts, especially when it came to me. Regardless of what form my creative expression took — drawing, painting, photography, theater — her support and enthusiasm was constant. She saw the value that following creative curiosity brought to the conversation and because of that, along with a handful of equally inspiring and supportive teachers, mentors, friends, and especially my wife Adrianne, my life has been made exponentially richer and more interesting, punctuated by experiences and encounters that I never would have had otherwise.

Because of the opportunities and experiences the arts have afforded Adrianne and me throughout our lives, we believe in the value and importance of the arts and arts education and have decided to start donating a portion of the net proceeds generated by my creative work to arts education and non-profit organizations focusing on the arts.

We haven’t yet made final choices on the Who, but we’re solid on the Why and committed to the How Much. We’ll post updates as we get closer to narrowing the field, but if you have suggestions for a favorite arts-related non-profit, let us know at

Thank you in advance for your support.

— Jeffery & Adrianne