It’s New Year’s Day and I’ve been sitting here staring at the empty pages of a new notebook for about an hour and half, trying to resist the urge to wax poetic about the past year. I’ve sharpened and resharpened my pencils and I’ve filled, emptied and refilled my fountain pen. I even went so far as to text my friend Jon about it. His reply: “Then wax poetic. Be yourself.” He sometimes has a wonderful economy with words that just gets to the heart of the matter. The thing is, I can’t say that he’s wrong. Waxing poetic is part of what I do — maybe even part of who I am. It’s certainly a part of why at least some of you subscribed in the first place.

However, in this edition, I’d like to resist the urge and instead take the opportunity to apologize for the complete and utter failure at getting issues of Iterations out with any degree of regularity over the past year. I really do sit down every other week or so with the intention of producing a new one, and every week or so I stare at the blank pages, trying to come up with something relevant or inspiring or at the very least interesting for you, the reader. But, as I sit here thinking about it, maybe that’s exactly the problem. Perhaps instead of angsting over making it interesting for you (because really, how can I know what that would be?) I should instead just share what’s going on with me and what I find interesting in the moment and perhaps that will inspire you to share what’s going on with you. Stories, after all, are like fuel for me and I really would love to hear or read some of yours.

When I first decided to do a newsletter, I described Iterations as “an occasional brain dump of thoughts, inspiration and ideas.” However, the “brain dump” part quickly fell prey to what happens to so many of my projects and ideas: I end up killing it by trying to overly define it and make certain that it’s a polished, structured, finished and fully realized piece of “content” (for the record, though I use it I really dislike that word). So, since we’re only a few Iterations in and it’s the start of a brand new year, I’d like to start again and jettison the whole idea of “complete” and just get back to connecting.

While I don’t yet have a clear roadmap for the year ahead, 2017 is looking like it will be filled with collaboration and a number of terrific creative challenges — some new and some so old that they feel new again. In the next edition, I’ll give more detail on what’s to come (spoiler: lots of analog) but will tell you now that 2017 will be a year of shipping and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

What’s on your 2017 creative road map?
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