Frequently Asked Questions

Book FAQ

Who is Photography by the Letter for?
The book is for photographers and photo enthusiasts from beginner to pro. There are terms and concepts for amateurs and more advanced photographers, whether you shoot film or digital. It also just looks really cool.

What format is Photography by the Letter available in?
Photography by the Letter is available in paperback and as a PDF eBook, which can be read by iBooks,  [Adobe Acrobat Reader]( ,  [FoxIt Reader]( , and many other applications on MacOS, iOS, Windows, and Android.

Will the eBook look good on my device?
Yes. However, be aware that the aspect ratio of Photography by the Letter is 4:3 — the same as an iPad — so there may be black bars above and below the page, depending on the aspect ratio of your device.

Will the book ever be available in other formats?
I have considered releasing a native iBooks version, but whether or not to do it is based entirely on demand. At the present time, I have no plans to release other eBook formats.

I accidentally deleted my eBook. What should I do?
Send an email to with your name, order number, and your email address and I can send you another download link.

I never received a download link. What should I do?
You should receive a confirmation e-mail immediately after you complete your order – your download link will be in that email. Also, be sure to check your spam folder. Otherwise, send an email to with your name, order number, and email address and I’ll help you get it sorted.


Painting FAQ

Do you offer prints of your paintings?
Not at the moment. I prefer to concentrate on producing originals at a variety of sizes and price points to allow people the opportunity to have a piece of original art.

Do paintings come ready to hang?
In most cases, yes, but check the description for details. Smaller pieces, such as the 6×6 inch panels, for example, do not since they may be rotated to the create unique patterns when displayed in multiples.


General FAQ

How else can I support what you’re doing?
The best way is to spread the word! Tell your friends to visit Follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram @jefferysaddoris. Listen to my podcasts. If you’d like to support the work I’m doing more directly, visit the CONTRIBUTE page.