“I used to think art with a capital ‘A’ had to be about these big ideas. I started finding work that was really playful and finding that quality in myself.”

Have you ever sat down to watch something on Netflix only to spend whatever time you set aside just trying to find something to watch? It’s amazing how often I find myself in that exact situation.

A few months ago, Adrianne and I were scanning though the myriad of options, and a promo for a show called Blown Away popped up. If you haven’t seen it, Blown Away is a competition show that centers around glass blowing. Ten glass artists competed for a $60,000 prize package which includes a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass. We didn’t really know what to expect but both of us were hooked from the first episode and binged the entire season in less than a week. The show is shot in a way that allows the glass to be the star and while each of the artists on the show were interesting in their own ways, there were two who really stood out for us both in skill and technique and in how they approached their craft, one of whom is a visual artist and glass blowing instructor from Philadelphia named Alexander Rosenberg.

One of the reasons I reached out to Alex was that I loved the way he interpreted each of the challenges on the show. In the few times we’ve talked on the phone, I’ve learned what incredible passion he has for the material, the respect he has for those who have come before him, and the profound sense of joy he gets from sharing his love of glass with his students.

Photo courtesy of Alexander Rosenberg/Carola Rummens

Website: https://www.alexanderrosenberg.net/
Instagram: @rosenbergalexander
Twitter: @Thetoast77

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