“With each of the studies we’ve talked about, I’ve had to have the motivation, the passion, the interest, the fascination with the subject and I’ve needed to go out and make those photographs.”

My introduction to the work of Richard Beaven came via a text message from Jon Wilkening, which read simply “you need to talk to this guy” with a link to his Instagram. I think it took all of two images to realize he was right. Richard’s latest project is called All of Us. It’s a beautiful body of work — 275 portraits made over the course of a year in the town of Ghent, New York — that manages to capture not only the soul of the town but also the people who call it home. Richard’s work is centered around connection, both to his subjects and their environments. And whether he’s immersing himself in Trump Country or spending time on small family ranches in rural America, the stories Richard tells through his photographs are in many ways the stories of us all. They are about belonging and being seen for exactly what and who we are.

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URL: http://richardbeaven.com/
Instagram: @richardbeaven
Twitter: @richardbeaven


Music in this episode: Please Listen Carefully (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 4.0