“I want to love taking pictures of whatever it is. It’s making something interesting out of everyday objects that intrigues me.”

Kevin Mullins never planned on being a wedding photographer – or any kind of photographer really. His daily routine was a two and a half hour tube ride each way to an IT job in central London. One one particular ride home, he flipped open a magazine someone had left on the seat to an article about wedding photography. The candid black and white photos struck a chord with Kevin and when he got home to his wife, he told her that’s what he wanted to do. I’ll let Kevin fill in the details, but over the past decade, he has shot hundreds of weddings and he has developed a terrific documentary shooting style that allows him to forget about the obvious or more traditional shot list — the rings, the cake, the dress hanging in a tree or in front of a window — and instead focus on the smaller personal stories that make up the bigger story of the day. The end results are intimate and allow us as viewers of the pictures to feel more like we were part of the goings on, rather than simply watching them from the periphery.

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