“It’s not where you go that really is the point, it’s the going. It’s the person you become in the going to these places.”

This is going to be a terrific season of Process Driven and I’m starting it off with a conversation with one of my favorite people, author and photographer, David duChemin. I first spoke to David in 2009 after reading his book Within the Frame. Since then, we’ve recorded a number of conversations together and in addition to being a fan of both his words and his pictures, I’m proud to call him a friend. We begin the conversation talking about David’s new book Pilgrims & Nomads — a body of work that has taken him nearly twelve years and multiple trips to Ethiopia and Northern Kenya to produce. As is often the case when David and I sit down, the conversation quickly seems to find its own rhythm and its own direction.

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URL: https://davidduchemin.com
Twitter: @david_duChemin
Instagram: @davidduchemin
Facebook: @visionisbetter


Music in this episode: Please Listen Carefully (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 4.0