In this episode, I’m doing something a little different. One of the goals I’ve had for Process Driven from the beginning has been to expand the scope of the conversations I have beyond visual arts as an exploration into how and where creativity overlaps, regardless of the discipline. In this episode I’m sitting down with Glenn D’Cruze, a Canadian musician who records under the name North Atlantic Explorers. I was introduced to Glenn’s music by a listener of my other podcast, On Taking Pictures who emailed and asked if he could send me one of Glenn’s CDs. I’m so thankful that he did. My Father was a Sailor is a gorgeous atmospheric homage to Glenn’s late father, who was an engineer on merchant ships in the North Atlantic during the 1950s. After his father died, Glenn embarked on a journey of his own that ultimately took him from his home in Vancouver to the seas sailed by his father nearly six decades earlier — and it all began with a pair of drum sticks and a stack of cardboard boxes.

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BBC Shipping Forecasts 
Sailing By
Freedy Johnston – We Will Shine
Belle & Sebastian – A Space Boy Dream
Dream Academy – Life in a Northern Town


Into the Blue Sea 
Glasgow, Circa 1952
Hebrides, Bailey, Fair Isle

The Sailor & The Stenographer


URL: North Atlantic Explorers
Twitter: @northatlanticxp

Music in this episode: Please Listen Carefully (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 4.0