“Light is almost like some sort of magical quantity that I get to work with — and I’m fascinated by it.”

This might be one of the most process-driven episodes of Process Driven yet. I’ve known Karl Taylor for more than a decade. I was introduced to his work by my friend Patrick in the form of a DVD of Karl‘s Photography Master Class. What struck me straight away was Karl‘s enthusiasm for photography – that and his encyclopedic knowledge of the medium. 12 years after its initial release, Karl has created a brand new remastered version of his original introduction to photography built on a decade of learning and refining what was already an incredible understanding of both the art and science of photography. In this conversation we talk about some of the things he’s learned over the past 10 years, including a deep dive into the biology of how we see and process images.

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Tim Flach: https://timflach.com/


Website: https://karltaylor.com
Platform: https://karltayloreducation.com
Instagram: https://instagram.com/karltaylorphotography


Music in this episode: Please Listen Carefully (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 4.0