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As many of you know, I currently produce three different podcasts, each with a different format and purpose. Process Driven is a deep-dive conversation with a single artist to talk about what they do and why they do it. In Between is a conversation with a recurring group of co-hosts around a single topic or theme. Iterations is my audio journal — it’s shorter than the other two shows and it’s just me offering up thoughts or reflections around what I’ve recently been thinking about or trying to work through. As I said, each of these shows offers a different listening experience, but in many ways I see them as part of the same larger, ongoing conversation. As you might expect, each of the three shows has its own feed and if you want all of them, until last year you had to subscribe to all three individually. But early in 2020 I looked a little deeper at how people were listening to podcasts, and what I found was that most people don’t listen to every episode of every podcast they subscribe to. I know I don’t. Instead, they create playlists — cherry picking episodes from within a given show or even across multiple shows, which is exactly why I created my “Everything” feed. Listeners could now get all three shows, along with any one-off conversations or any future shows in one feed instead of multiples and they could just add episodes of my shows into the playlists they were already making.

My plan from the beginning was to ultimately deprecate the individual show feeds and JUST have Everything. I even confirmed it again in an episode I put out in January called “Setting the Intention for 2021.” But the more I think about it and the more Adrianne and I talk about it, the more I’m questioning whether killing off the individual feeds is the best way forward.

On the one hand, I can see where if you were unfamiliar with my shows — both past and present — and you went to my website for the first time, you might be a little confused seeing three different shows that, at least on the surface, all seem to deal with creativity and the creative process in one form or another.

On the other, maybe you are familiar with the me and my back catalog but you just aren’t interested in my monologues or random conversations and you only want to hear my conversations with other creatives deep diving their process.

Either way, having only a single feed for all that I do — despite my intentions behind it — might not be what you want as a listener. And one thing that I have learned from Adrianne is to meet people where they are, which means that if you are really only into one show, I don’t want to risk losing you as a listener because I’m forcing you to subscribe to shows that don’t really interest you. That doesn’t serve either of us.

Look, I would love it if everyone listened to everything I released – and maybe that’s a goal I can shoot for – but I need to earn it. So, for now, I’m going to keep all of the individual feeds active and keep trying to meet you where you are.

If you’ve got questions or feedback, you can connect with me on Twitter and Instagram @jefferysaddoris. If you’d prefer something more direct, you can email me at

Music in this episode
Funk It Up by Steve Poloni
In the Clouds by Be Still the Earth

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