If you’re listening to this show, or any of my shows really, chances are you are a maker of some sort. And if you are, I bet on at least a few occasions over the past several months, you’ve had one of those days. The days where at best it’s hard to stay focused on the making and at worst you’re asking yourself why the fuck you should even get out of bed. And you know what? Either way, it’s okay. I know that when I’m in that place it’s really hard to hear it let alone believe it, but I’m gonna say it again, so listen closely. It’s okay. It’s okay that you haven’t created your magnum opus in the midst of a global pandemic. It’s okay that the myriad of natural and man-made dumpster fires burning around the world are pulling your focus and attention away from taking pictures or making paintings or writing that novel. It’s okay.

CORRECTION: Rumours is the eleventh album by Fleetwood Mac, not the tenth as I stated in the episode.

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Vivian Maier – http://www.vivianmaier.com/

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