I’ve been frustrated with my own photography for quite a while, and I think that frustration played a big part in the whole “which camera should I buy?” saga. Look, I think I am a good photographer — sometimes maybe even really good — but lately I’ve been having a hard time connecting with the photographs I make. Many of them are interesting from a technical perspective, and I love the experience of seeing the world through a viewfinder and the challenge of finding an interesting composition. But, beyond that, there’s something missing and the work just doesn’t land for me. It doesn’t grab me and I think it has to do with my connection — or specifically the current lack of it — to the subject matter that I photograph.

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Here’s an amazing behind the scenes look at the stunt driving in Mad Max Fury Road. It’s incredible to see just how much of that movie was done practically, rather than CGI.

From the real to the unreal is the work of 3D artist Josef Bshara whose work is just fantastic. I did a little 3D back in the day in Lightwave and 3DSMax, but nothing as complex or realistic as this.

And I meant to put this in the last episode but it slipped my mind. On Taking Pictures listener Josh Eikenberry has managed to cull six years of OTP show notes into one monster list. So if you want to see what we talked about over the course of 325 episodes, Josh has you covered.


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