In Between 05: Where Does It All Come From?

Kristopher Matheson is one of my favorite people to talk to. Not only is he a terrific photographer, he’s also funny as hell. We don’t talk often, but when we do, I always come away inspired and wanting to dive a little deeper into my own work. Not too long ago, Kristopher started posting images from a series he calls “Behind Glass.” I love pretty much everything Kristopher posts, but there was something about these pictures that really caught my attention. I called him up to ask where the idea came from and since Kristopher is a pretty fastidious journaler, I expected a detailed explanation citing influences and connections to other projects. Instead, he said “I have no idea.” Wait, what now?

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If you’ve listened to In Between before or listened to recent episodes of my other shows Iterations, and Process Driven, you’ve heard me mention my “Jeffery Saddoris: Everything” feed. Over the next several weeks, I’m going to be phasing out the individual show feeds and instead using the Everything feed for, well…everything. If you’re enjoying In Between and Iterations and you’ve been waiting for new episodes of Process Driven—which I promise are coming soon—please consider subscribing to Everything so that you don’t miss anything.

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Music in this episode: Take Me Higher (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 4.0

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