In Between 24: Legacy, a Lifeboat, and a Rottweiler

Lately, I seem to be having more and more conversations with people who have really started taking a long look back on their lives to try to determine to what degree anything they’ve done matters and whether or not it will keep mattering after they’ve gone. For many of them, these musings revolve around a major accomplishment or a specific body of work that was somehow more, for lack of a better word, than most — if not all — of the other things that they have done. Many have even used the term “calling” to describe it. Personally, I’ve not experienced that, at least not in the way that it’s been described to me. I think my life has been different in that I’ve done a bunch of smaller things that, when looked at together, form something that is greater and much more fulfilling that the sum of its parts. I was talking about this with Jack Lowe who you might remember from episodes 37 and 38 of Process Driven and we thought that it might be a perfect topic for another chance to record. So get comfortable, because for the next hour or so, we’re talking about the importance of legacy, connecting with people, and a really wonderful story that involves Jack piloting a 42-ton lifeboat in the North Atlantic and a Rottweiler called Bear.

JR – Visages, Villages:
Chris Hadfield – Hero to Zero:
Chris Hadfield – An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth… :


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