I was talking to Sean Tucker the other day and I don’t remember what prompted it, but he asked me whether I’d seen some of the recent work our friend Maarten Rots was sharing on Instagram. I told him that I had and that it was terrific. “But do you know how he’s doing it?” Sean gave me a brief description of what was going on in the pictures and after going back and looking at Maarten’s feed again, I realized because his work flows together so beautifully, the “how” of the more recent pictures didn’t raise any sort of flag. It just didn’t register, so I reached out to Maarten to ask him about it and when he sent me a few behind the scenes shots of his setup, the photos took on a different meaning and I knew there had to be an interesting story about how he got there.

Website: maartenrots.nl
Instagram: @maartenrots

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