In Between 11: What Counts as Art?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about art – specifically, what really counts as art? Is the art the thing that we make? Or, is in the doing? The making itself. Or is art in the reaction to work — the results of the doing? Or, is it something else entirely that is personal to each of us? I really don’t know. Historically, I have been very hesitant to call the things I make art, regardless of the discipline or media. It just feels like that’s a label that someone else should choose to apply or not to the work that I do. I’m okay referring to myself as artistic, because in my head that’s a value that somehow that feels tied more to the process — to the making — and not the end product. Regardless, I called Jon up to see if he’d be up for wrestling with it for an hour or so.

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