One of the things I love about hosting the Craft & Vision Podcast is every once in a while, I get to sit down with the company’s founder and Chief Creative Nomad, David duChemin. My first conversation with David was back in 2010 and since then, we’ve spoken a number of times, both online and off and I have grown to admire and respect him as not only a photographer and a writer, but also as a friend. In this conversation, David and I discuss some of the more practical questions that run through his mind when he makes photographs—questions such as what he’s trying to say with the photo, whether or not he’s using the right focal length, or is the light “right” for the shot? As always, David is terrifically inspiring and will undoubtedly leave you wanting to get out and make photos of your own.


You’ll find David’s new eBook Making the Image in the Craft & Vision store.

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Making the Image
Within The Frame

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