Chris Burkard is a landscape photographer based in Pismo Beach, California. Chris made a name for himself as a surf photographer, but soon realized that the photographing surfing was really secondary to his passion for photographing the landscapes surrounding it. Since then, Chris has been traveling to some of the most remote locations on planet, including 19 trips to Iceland, a place he calls “magical” and “a photographer’s dream.” Over the past decade, he’s created a stunning body of work. In this conversation, Chris and I discuss his passion for working on projects that are going to be remembered as well as his terrific TED Talk, an experience he says taught him more about himself and why he makes photographs than maybe any other experience in his life.

A portfolio of Chris’s work can be seen in the latest issue of PHOTOGRAPH, available in the C&V store.

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Show Notes

Chris Burkard TED Talk

Arctic Swell: Surfing the Ends of the Earth