At the end of 2014, I was approached by David duChemin — the founder and "Chief Creative Nomad" of Craft & Vision — to see if I would be interested in hosting a series of podcast conversations with authors and photographers who either had upcoming eBooks, or were being featured in C&V's gorgeous quarterly magazine, PHOTOGRAPH. I've been a fan of David and what he is trying to do with Craft & Vision since I first interviewed him in 2009, so of course I said yes. Over 12 episodes, I explored process, craft and creativity with some terrifically creative people.

David duchemin

The last episode of the Craft & Vision podcast is a conversation with the founder and Chief Creative Nomad of Craft & Vision and one of my favorite people in the world to talk to, David duChemin. In this conversation, we're doing something a little different and we're starting things off with a discussion about David's passion for diving and shift in focus from humanitarian work to conservation. As usual, its a terrific conversation that i know you're going to love.

Duncan Fawkes

Duncan Fawkes is a former IT professional who turned layoff from his 9 to 5 into an opportunity to leap into a new career as a landscape photographer. Born and raised in Scotland, Duncan and his family now call Australia home. In this conversation, host Jeffery Saddoris talks to Duncan about staying true to your internal compass, the importance of always being willing to learn and how sometimes bad news can lead to great things.

Chris Burkhard

Action and landscape photographer Chris Burkhard and I discuss his passion for working on projects that are going to be remembered as well as his terrific TED Talk, an experience he says taught him more about himself and why he makes photographs than maybe any other experience in his life. Chris recently got back from Alaska and as you'll here throughout our conversation, his studio is buzzing with activity.

David duChemin

In this conversation, David and I discuss his new eBook Making the Image, which focuses on some of the more practical questions he asks himself, both before and after pressing the shutter button.

Mallory Morrison

Mallory Morrison is a fantastic fine art photographer who uses her background in dance to inform and inspire gorgeous underwater narratives.  In this conversation, I'm talking to Mallory about the evolution of her work, the power of subtle gestures and a new project that's her most personal to date.

Henry Fernando

Henry Fernando, a photographer based in Ottowa, Canada practices something called contemplative photography, which takes a more mindful approach to photography and encourages a way of seeing the world without the preconceived notions attatched to composition or subject matter. In this conversation, Henry and I discuss contemplative approach to his work and his new eBook, Vision365, which integrates the practice into daily assignments that will help you see differently and create stronger photographs.

Piet van den eynde

Belgian photographer and Adobe Certified trainer Piet Van den Eynde is not only one of the most popular Craft & Vision authors, he's also one of the most prolific. For his latest release, he's created a fantastic Lightroom preset system and a guide to help you get up to speed with newly released Lightroom 6. In this episode I'm talking to Piet about post processing and how not to let style trump the substance in your photographs.

John Keatley

John Keatley is not only one of my favorite photographers, he's also one of my favorite people to talk to about the process of making images. His passion and enthusiasm for the craft is visible not only in his body of work, but also in his willingness to share what he has learned. In this episode, we talk about shooting what you love, the power of personal stories and some great ways to approach social media.

Corwin Hiebert

In this episode, we're talking about the business side of creativity with one of the business manager and entrepreneur Corwin Hiebert. For years, Corwin has managed and collaborated with freelancers, digital artists, and entrepreneurs including the founder of Craft & Vision, David duChemin. Corwin has developed a fantastic suite of tools for photographers called the Business Action Planner. In this conversation we talk about learning to ask better questions, the importance of building relationships and staying on task as well as on message.

David duChemin

In this episode, photographer and author David duChemin offers advice on finding and photographing the road less traveled, the value of patience in capturing moments and learning to recognize photographs that are amazing, rather than simply exotic.

Valda Bailey

For years Valda Bailey was a painter before discovering that she was able to do with a camera what she says she couldn't do with a paintbrush. Her gorgeous work is rich with color and texture, influenced by painters like Helen Frankenthaler and Paul Klee and photographers like Jay Maisel and Chris Friel. We talk about how she approaches her beautiful multiple exposure work, where she finds inspiration and a fascinating creative collaboration. 

CJ Chilvers

As a child CJ Chilvers wanted to be a scientist, but it was a biology professor in college who helped set him on a trajectory as a writer that he's been exploring ever since. With more than 20 years as a photographer, CJ has given up chasing gear, technique and even external approval in favor of a simpler approach to making photographs that matter.