Photographing Wild

I’ll be honest, I just downloaded this eBook. I haven’t even read it yet. But I’ve been friends with David duChemin long enough to know that I trust him and when I hear him speak with such passion and conviction about a project as he has about Photographing Wild, the new Craft & Vision ebook by National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen, that’s all the endorsement I need.

From what I know about Paul Nicklen by looking at his photographs and watching his videos, his passion to both his craft and the subject matter that inspires it is equal to David’s. So if the two of them found a project worthy of both of their collective creative attention, I’m in. And if you’re interested in learning how to make better, more compelling photos, you should be in too.

Buy a copy of Photographing Wild (or any other C&V title) using the button below. It’s not an affiliate link, nor am I being paid to endorse the eBook. I just believe in the work and in what David is trying to do for photography and photographers with Craft & Vision.