“I am endlessly curious – about people, about creativity, about line and shape and color – and both my personal and professional pursuits are driven by learning, discovering, imagining, listening, celebrating, and making.”

As a boy growing up in Southern California, Jeffery filled his notebooks with sketches and doodles, dreaming of being an animator at Disney. He learned woodworking and metalworking from his father, and photography and art and literature from his teachers. After spending most of his free time during high school watching images fade up in his darkroom, Jeffery became a technical theater major in college, focusing on scenery and costume design, subsequently working as a prop master and milliner at theater companies in Texas and Alabama.

When Jeffery returned to California, the emergence of New Media allowed him to take his love for designing and creating in new directions. He became a popular Photoshop and HTML instructor at a local computer school, then developed online content for the film, theme park, and home video divisions of Universal Studios as an art director. Jeffery continued to explore his own photography and began creating highly textured mixed media paintings with layers of graphics and ephemera, influenced by such artists as Robert Rauschenberg, Dorothy Simpson Krause, and Shepard Fairey.

Years of practicing and teaching photography led Jeffery to realize that few people were talking about the why of creativity – the motivations and inspirations that fuel the work of photographers and other visual artists. He began the website Faded & Blurred as a way to showcase photographers’ creative inspiration through editorials, in-depth Spotlights, and a podcast series of one-on-one interviews. One of Jeffery’s interviews was with New York-based portrait photographer Bill Wadman, who later invited Jeffery to become the co-host for his new weekly podcast On Taking Pictures.

Jeffery often refers to himself as a “serial conversationalist” and podcasting has become an increasingly important platform for his lifelong interest in learning, exploring, communicating, and sharing about art and artists – between more than 5 years talking about photography on On Taking Pictures, hosting the 12-episode Craft & Vision Podcast, and Process Driven, his ongoing podcast of long-form conversations about creativity and how the creative process manifests itself across a wide range of genres and disciplines.

— Adrianne Fielding